The Coupe quattro
Ongoing Restoration
Info / Data

This site is dedicated to providing information on my 1985 Coupe Quattro, and other type 85 cars, plus whatever else takes my fancy....

Please have a browse through the site, and if you have any type 85 pictures, articles, scanned copies of brochures, etc., then please feel free to mail them to me at cq@kvquattro.com so that I can put them on the site for the benefit of Type 85 fans everywhere. Obviously I reserve the right to edit any submissions.......

There is a large amount of technical and other information on this page : Info / Data

My Coupe Quattro is "showcased" at : My CQ

Plenty of nice type 85 photos here : Type 85 Gallery

1985 Audi Coupe quattro 2226cc KV engine

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