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Geoff Keys' Audi Coupe quattro Grp A car

The following information provided mainly by MarcZ from Australia.

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The rally history (thanks to Marc Z, Queensland, Australia)

Ok, that Cq was built in 1985 by Schmidt Motorsport with 'all the boxes ticked', full to the brim with Audi Sport bits. The original owner was a guy called Geoff Keys who was a well known rally competitor here in Queensland back in the 80's. Prior to the Cq, Geoff ran a Datsun Stanza (HA10) with a Leyland/Rover 4.4 litre V8 in it!

Geoff competed with little success in the Cq and had both that accident I have photos of and then a roll a little later. The car was then loaned to Malcolm Stewart to compete in the 1988 Rally NZ (WRC) where he finished 3rd outright.

IN about 1990, the car was sold to a guy by the name of Dick Boardman (also from Queensland) who managed only part of the first stage of the first event he entered before he nudged an embankment and the car caught fire. Dick discharged the on-board extinguisher system and managed to put the fire out. He checked under the hood for damage and declared all good so he tried to start it up again but what he hadn't noticed was the fuel return line had popped out of the FI and it started spraying fuel (good ol' AvGas 130 back then) all over the engine bay. The fire started again and this time there was no stopping it. Dick, and two more competitors who were next one the road, had to watch as the car burned to the ground, filling the air with white magnesium smoke. As both Dick and another mate of mine who was there put it, "once the wheels caught light, it was all over".

They returned the following day to salvage the car but the only things Dick managed to get were the block, rods, gearsets and that was about it. The shell had been so hot, it was warped and bent. They pushed it over the edge and that was it for quattros rallying in Australia!

A postcript to this was a visit by MarcZ to the cars final resting place in 2010. You can see how the passage of time has not been kind to what is left of the car.

The Last Word?
Although the original car now rusts in peace, it's not forgotten..... The livery was recreated on a very similar car, and taken out for a spin. 7 closed road tarmac stages at full speed were run.....

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